About the Founder

My roots are embedded in the small, rural town of Tuskegee, Alabama, steeped in rich history, home to one of the country’s most respected HBCU’s, Tuskegee University, and the fundamental pillar of my own education and experiences that knitted a path into my core affinities: reading and helping others. The lessons I learned, and the people I relied upon to become who I am today, are priceless.

Beginning in college, I began a journey to travel and learn about the characters and places I’d read about. Books became a safe-haven, especially when studying or working in places I knew few people. It became a guide of sorts. Throughout those travels, I began to volunteer more and more to meet new people and understand the needs of their communities. Gravitating towards areas that provided services to people who looked like me is where the real work of my life began.

Over the years, I've gained a spectrum of experience within the nonprofit sector, ranging from roles such as Project Accountant to Interim Executive Director. I have also served as a board member for grassroots, community-based organizations across diverse genres. This journey has been, both, immensely rewarding and intermittently challenging, particularly in advocating for and supporting communities of color where there aren't always easily accessible resources. The needs are substantial and continuously evolving, often stretching beyond the existing capacities of many organizations.

This is where my expertise and service come into play. Recognizing the critical need for capacity-building support in areas often overlooked or under-resourced, I founded Oversight Management (OM). OM is dedicated to bolstering the capabilities of organizations, ensuring they are equipped to effectively serve their communities and achieve their missions.

Malauna Steele
Principal + Founder