Client Reviews

Malauna Steele is an institutional gem. Her work ethic is superior and her diligence in all that she does has been priceless. Malauna has responded to both the HR and Finance needs of our organization and she has helped bring our systems and processes into the 21st century. From building our payroll system to managing our bookkeeping team and invoicing system, Malauna has been invaluable to me as Executive Director.
Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman, Ed.D.
Executive Director
Zora Neale Hurston/Richard Wright Foundation
As a small business, tracking accounts, payroll and other details is daunting. Oversight Management helped PUSH Studio boost our management of accounts and invoice systems.  Helping the firm find new software and systems to organize and become more efficient with client billing was also a major benefit Oversight Management brought to PUSH Studio.
Vinson-Bert J. Hustvedt-Camacho
Principal & Co-Founder
Glenn LaRue Smith, FASLA
Founder & Principal
PUSH Studio
Capitol Movement was so fortunate to be connected with Malauna for accounting services, originally. But she became more than an accountant to our small, grassroots nonprofit. Malauna became a friend and advisor. Through our many talks beyond accounting, she assisted me in making many viable and lasting connections to help us sustain and grow. She simplified day-to-day tasks to allow me to focus on more important goals for the future. I am thankful to have met and worked with her.
Stephanie Jojokian, MBA
Co-Founder & Executive Director
Capitol Movement, Inc.
The ever-changing landscape of healthcare, especially within underserved communities, accentuates the essential role of Oversight Management.  Executive Director Malauna Steele and her team have dedicated their lives to bridging the healthcare gap in communities often overlooked. Through their outstanding training and technical assistance, they blend academic prowess, extensive practical experience, and unwavering dedication to public health.
Wes Jones, DBA, MBA, MSM
CEO and Founder 
Umbrella Therapeutic Services, Inc.
In the year 2000, I co-founded a non-profit organization that slowly grew to over 30 staff with a multi-million dollar budget and programming in 20 schools throughout Washington, DC. About 10 years into the journey, as our accounting and human resources started to get more complicated, and I began to become overwhelmed, a friend recommended Malauna Steele to me. When I interviewed her for the position, I was inspired by the work she had already done with Free the Slaves and immediately felt that her values aligned with the mission of One Common Unity. I originally brought her on board to help with accounting but she quickly became much more than our Financial Director. She supported me as a thought partner and institutional leader. She helped to develop important relationships in the community that resulted in more large donors and grants. Malauna had keen intuition on how to organize, motivate and develop our Board of Directors. Her presence gave us consistent and steady leadership that allowed me as the Executive Director to become free from the day-to-day operations. 

With her support, I've learned how to build an organization and manage employees. I learned how to keep the big picture in mind while working on the little pieces that are essential to remaining accountable to our donors and funders. Over the 13 years that I worked with Malauna, she became much more than just an indispensable, organizational deputy and leader, she became a dear friend who I confided in and leaned on while making the hard decisions that nobody wants to make.
Hawah Kasat
Founder and Executive Director (through 2021)
One Common Unity
Malauna Steele is my go-to referral for any Executive Director looking for an expert who: can create, maintain, or improve sound financial systems; work with Boards to ensure that they understand and have the skills to perform their fiscal oversight role; and has first-hand experience with the reporting and proposal processes of the major DC government granting agencies and local foundations! Ms. Steele provides practical and affordable services that every nonprofit needs. She has a deep understanding of nonprofit finance and reporting, and has served in Executive Director and Interim roles in the past. In whatever capacity she is engaged, Ms. Steele solves problems, makes things functional, and enables leaders to focus and achieve their goals and mission.
Anjali Nagpaul
Director of DC Programs
Fair Chance
Former Nonprofit Executive Director
Malauna served as Financial Manager for the Center for Dispute Settlement, a small nonprofit, for six years. She managed payroll, invoicing government agencies, and the closing of our organization. She was a pleasure to work with. Malauna brought her energy, enthusiasm, sense of humor and creativity to every task and was a valuable member of the organization.
Edna Povich
Vice President
Center for Dispute Settlement
A colleague introduced me to Oversight Management when I noticed that our current accountant was making frustratingly noticeable errors. We would've been satisfied that Malauna's accounting and tax services were timely, accurate, and affordable, but she went above and beyond, supporting our small team when we decided to dissolve our 501(c)3. Malauna worked closely with me, our Board Chair, and Treasurer to ensure that our financial ducks were in a row: final 990s with the IRS, filings for DC agencies, closing out Quickbooks, and more. Every time we had a question about that process, she knew what to do. There were so many times that she said, "Just send xx to me, and I'll take care of it." Closing the doors of an organization that I built was one of the hardest things I've ever done. It was nothing short of a blessing to have Malauna's expertise, skill, care, and good humor with us on the journey.
Marisa Stubbs
Founder and Executive Director
Formerly Food for Life
I have had the pleasure of working with Oversight Management in various capacities. From grant management to bookkeeping to ideating complex strategic projects, Oversight Management has been a great partner. We required a strategic partner to give us greater capacity for growth at a time when we were entering a new organizational life cycle. Due to Oversight Management’s experience supporting small, medium, and large institutions, they were able to work cross-functionally to scale our impact in a measured and meaningful fashion. I would highly recommend their service.
Jeffery Tribble Jr.
Currently President and CEO, Levine Music
Former Executive Director and CEO, The MusicianShip